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Freeport, ME (November 13, 2018) The Ground Round Grill and Bar is having an extra-busy final quarter of 2018. The brand has rolled out a new core menu, as well as a new limited time offer (LTO) menu, launching both in early October.

All locations now offer this new streamlined and redesigned core menu which was tested in its new look and updated offerings in 10 test locations during the first half of the year to refine the final design. Sporting not only an updated look, the new menu also features a wide variety of new offerings, including a platform of new and expanded burger recipes and side choices.

Almost simultaneously, locations also launched a new Fall LTO featuring comfort food items created especially for the fall season and approaching winter months. New items include a Bleu Cheese Crusted Steak, a Gouda Burger, a Beet Salad and a hearty Mac and Cheese featuring Bacon and Chicken, all running through the end of December. In its cooperative business model, the brand actively engages with its locations on creating and rolling out new menu items. A group of owners and operators from key locations in the company meet monthly to test and discuss new items, as well as investigate trends the group wants to pursue. The Limited Time Menu allows the chain to test these new ideas.

"We are approaching 2019, our 50th year, with renewed momentum and offerings. We're excited about making changes to our menu that help our guests know we're listening to what they want in their dining experiences away from home. Our brand has endured for nearly 50 years because we listen and go to great lengths to connect with our customer base. And we're led by local owners/operators, who know and live in the communities they serve, and lead the overall direction of our brand. Customers see our unique concept as a place to meet with family or friends, or a place to watch and enjoy sporting events," shared Jack Crawford, President and CEO. He also added, "Our cooperative business model allows for regional input and discussion. It helps us keep a close watch on what the marketplace wants, and we’re excited to celebrate our 50 years in 2019."

About Ground Round IOC Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative (IOC) represents a group of independent franchise owners, in 10 states spread across the Midwest and Northeast areas of the United States, who have owned and led their own brand since 2004. They offer a unique franchise model where a franchisee can own their own restaurant along with an ownership/membership share in the overall future and growth of the brand. For more information, visit





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2018 New Core Dinner Menu
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Gouda Cheeseburger
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Bacon Chicken Mac and Cheese
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